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Many of you have asked what happens during one of our Photographic Retreats.  Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to take you through each session, and the resulting images.

Scenic Rim Retreat, 2pm Friday, November 22, 37 degrees, Milford

Participants have successfully found their way to the delightful Church B&B, and are greeted by Suzanne and Tony, as well as Harry, the owner of the Church.  A quick tour and freshen up, and the Education session begins.  Starting with a getting to know you, each participant shares their goals for the weekend, followed by a Landscape Photography session.

Newly learned skills in mind, the intrepid travellers embark on the first sunset photoshoot of the Retreat.  To a stunning little vista just 5 minutes from the Church.  Accompanied by french champagne, cheese and pate, the participants take the time to scope, compose, select settings and shoot.

A delightfully cool and relaxing end to a scorcher of a day.  Everybody is happy with the images they have managed to achieve, so back to the Church for a gourmet welcome BBQ and drinks.  Image discussions and getting to know you carried on for the evening before an early retirement in preparation for the sunrise to come.

stunning sunsetPINIMAGE

Each of these images is taken at a similar place, with different focal lengths and different times.

sun going downPINIMAGE

Each image is taken on a Canon Mk111, with 70-200mm lens.  Approx 30 minutes from the first to last.

stunning sunsetPINIMAGE

Outside the Church for a welcome reception.

Group in front of churchPINIMAGETo book your place at one of our Scenic Rim Photographic Retreats, click here.


I recently had the honour of photographing Family Portraits for the Keys family.  Jennifer and Matt have the most delightful 12 month old little boy called Alexander.  The most wonderful thing happened during our session – Alexander took his first steps.  I can’t believe that I was there and able to photograph it as it was happening.  My job just keeps getting better! Take a look at this gorgeous little family Album.

Family PortraitsPINIMAGE Family PortraitsPINIMAGE Family PortraitsPINIMAGE storyboard007PINIMAGE

Family PortraitPINIMAGE Family PortraitPINIMAGE Family PortraitPINIMAGE Family PortraitPINIMAGE

Family PortraitsPINIMAGE


Would you rather pay $1600 for amazing wedding photography with short coverage, or crap photography with long coverage?

5 Top Tips to get Award winning Wedding Photography, even when you are on a tight budget!

1. Get married on a weekday – Many photographers including us offer a reduced rate to photograph weddings on a weekday.  Our hourly rate on a weekend is $650.  During the week, we can book you in for $550 an hour! For this you get coverage PLUS large files. 

2. Use a single venue for the whole day – getting ready, service, location photos and reception – A single venue minimises the time that it takes to get from place to place reducing the amount of time you need for coverage.

3. Get your friends to photograph the Reception – There is nothing creative about flash photography, so get Uncle Bob to look after those pictures. Best, however, to get your photographer to do mock cake and dance.

4. Purchase digital files up front and album later – Did you know that photographers keep your images in an archive for years?  In 12 months when you have managed to save some money, you can always get your album printed then.

5. Select a Wedding Photographer who is very experienced in managing optimal coverage in a short time frame – A highly experienced wedding photographer will be able to help you maximise coverage in a short time frame.

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Check this out.  This is Sheri and Rob’s Wedding Album – All this and only 3 hours of coverage!

Testimonial – From the moment we met Suzanne in her comfortable studio she made us feel relaxed with her genuine, caring demeanour.

Instantly likeable and with a professional portfolio that oozes emotion, we knew Suzanne was the woman we wanted to capture our vintage styled wedding day. Suzanne blended seamlessly into our special day. Our guests liked her open, casual approach yet we appreciated her non-obtrusive nature. Suzanne was ‘there’ confidently snapping away yet always in a subtle manner.

Tears flowed when we saw the extraordinary shots as taken on the best day of our lives. Suzanne brilliantly captured the love and warmth we felt surrounded us. Our wedding album is just beautiful.

We strongly recommend you meet Suzanne. As well as being delightful, she is artistic and highly professional. You too will be pleased when you choose Suzanne to share in and capture your celebration.

Sheri and Rob Pickering.

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