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Behind the scenes, modelling portfolio shoot. Image by James Stocker:)

Posted by SOUL Photographic Design on Thursday, 16 April 2015


It is no revelation that we have been recording images for thousands of years in one medium or another. From cave paintings all the way to the selfie craze we find ourselves in now, there has always been a desire to capture these images and dare them to test the rigours of time. But, why do we do this? We do this because portraiture is an art. It tells a story, or on our side of the camera it dares us to do so. Even if the selfie you just took with your friends never becomes a treasured heirloom, it still captures in time the story of that moment. So then, with the ease of being able to take your own photographs, why consider professional portraits?

The answer may be simpler than you realise. We are storytellers. We use this wonderful medium of light to weave together lasting and meaningful memories. This is our craft, this is our profession and this is our passion. The relationships we have with you bring out the best possible portrait, and thus the best possible story. It is our job at times to make you forget that we are even there. Conversely, sometimes our guidance might be needed to direct you to places and emotions you never thought possible.

We all long for the human connection. We all want to relate with other people. Looking at a photograph should elicit deep visceral emotions and thoughts about the subject. Yet, at the same time the image might produce the full range of emotions all at once.  Even though we will never be in your photographs, we are just as invested in the outcome as you are, if not more. As artists we are responsible for getting you and the story the entire collection of photos represents, to their final destination. We are on that journey with you and at times are the only reason a certain portrait gets captured at all.

Certainly every situation is different and every picture taken is done so for its’ own reason. The art in portraiture is how, if guided correctly, we can make all of those reasons and stories exist in one single frame. Taken as a whole collection, one afternoon of portraits can immortalise the emotions of an entire lifetime. We look at photos all the time. We look at pictures of our friends and family because we want to have exact moments in time to remember, not just the fleeting, blurred memories of a time long gone.

We want to guide you on that journey. We want to provide you with those memories and those feelings. Most importantly, we want to give you the art that you will proudly display for all to see. Let us create for you those treasured heirlooms, together in collaboration. You provide the characters and we provide the rest. Let us create your story.



For best results apply your make up in natural light. Indoor lighting can alter the appearance of your make up.  Some lights may wash you out, causing you to apply make up too heavily.  We’ve all seen pictures of ourselves when we thought our make up looked good before we left the house. In the photos we are left to wonder what went wrong and how to look better in future pictures.  fashion in natural lightPINIMAGE





Imagine having your make up done, your hair coiffed, then stepping back in time.

This super fun photoshoot experience can be all yours.

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Rhianna Smith -

A photoshoot would be awesome! Crossing my fingers!

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Five years since you shot our retro inspired wedding, a vintage shoot would be wonderful!

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