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“Suzanne (and team) really understood our personalities and the style we wanted . We love the finished product, and wouldn’t change anything!’ Lauren & Corey

You are recently engaged and embarking on the hard yards of planning a wedding. The Service and Reception have been booked, and you come to the Wedding Photography. This is where the nightmare starts!!!  Wedding Photography is a mine field – so many products to chose from, so many photographers to chose from. Where do you start?

The internet is the place to start. The key is to make an informed decision, based on quality, consistency, styling, and personality. THEN the budget comes into play. Too many times, photographers have been booked due to them being cheap.  Too many times, couples are distraught when their images are crap!

Next step – getting a ball park figure. As consumers, we understand the need to have some idea of pricing, so as to not waste the time of either party. Therefore, we like to know and work with a ball park figure. As a business, we are happy to give a ball park figure, however, are reluctant to send a price list via email. The reason for this is due to the fact that the standard price list is very basic. It does not cover the detail of the products that are available. Also, when you buy a car, would you even consider without first having a look at the physical product? Wedding Photography  Brisbane is the same. To see and feel a physical product is vastly different to seeing it online. Hence, our recommendation is to get a ball park, and if this is within your budget, make an appointment.

The next question is “How many Brisbane Wedding Photographers do I see?” Well, you have the choice on being overwhelmed on one or two occasions, or on lots of occasions. See, the thing with Wedding Photography is the number of choices. Knowing what you want is a good place to start when going to see a photographer. You tell them what you want, and let them give you a quote. Doing the research online is a good way to find out what products are available. When you go to see your Brisbane Wedding Photographer, have a list of questions ready.

It is human nature to want to compare. However, if when you go to see the first couple of photographers, the following is true, then consider if you REALLY need to confuse the issue by seeing another ten???

  • You LOVE the style and quality of photography
  • You LOVE the album design
  • You have a good rapport with the photographer (make sure it is the photographer you will have on the day!!!)
  • The package is within your budget………..Makes sense hey!

So, swing by for a coffee to see how we can help you!

Couple Session (Add on)  Many photographers offer an “Couple session” as part of a package. The reason for the couple session is primarily for rapport building, as well as creating expectations for the day. Spending time in front of a camera is not a normal part of your day. Hence, on the wedding day, it feels a bit odd to be the focus of attention. The couple session allows the photographer to go through the kind of things that will happen on the day – the couple will get directions on the best way to stand on the day (the most flattering stance, so as to reduce tuck shop lady arms, for example). It also allows the photographer some insight into how the couple react to direction, hence the amount of direction necessary on the day. Here is what one couple had to say about their engagement session.

“It was a great way to get to used to public displays of affection”

“It was great getting to know you (the photographer) in a professional way – ie, what you want from us, positions and poses, tips for looking relaxed. It was the best idea to be photographed before the Wedding Day”

“We know what to expect and didn’t have the nervousness on the wedding day that we did for the first hour of the engagement session, as we know what we had to do”

“In retrospect, we have photos of the memorable joyous, exciting time that was our engagement. We have professional photos of the two of us looking relaxed, and not all dressed and made up like on the Wedding Day”

“It was great fun!”

Pre Wedding Consultation. During the pre-wedding consultation, we tie up all of the loose ends before the big day.  SOUL Photographic Design likes to do a site-visit with couples at the locations they have chosen to use on the day.   This ensures that we are all on the same page, and that we all know the Agenda for the day.  During this session, we also talk about making fantastic images.  I am a whizz with the lens, however if you are talking about the washing that didn’t get hung out before you left in the morning, the lens will pick that up.  With Wedding Photography, it’s all about emotion and body language.  To get the images, the couple need to be aware of these crucial elements.  Practicing PDA’s (Public Displays of Affection) is part of the homework we give!!

It is also essential at this session to provide all of the details of the Bridal Party, car hire and reception venue.  We recommend that each of these key people have my number in their mobile, and, of course, we have theirs. The Pre-Wedding Consultation is also a good opportunity to go through the run sheet for the day.

Viewing. A couple of weeks after your Wedding, you will be invited to the Studio to view your proofs.  Proof images have minor editing, such as colour correction and saturation.  At this stage, you do not need to make any decisions.  Sit back, have a coffee and watch the day unfold before your eyes, complete with sound track.  Once you have dried your eyes, we embark on the selection process.  We break images down into 3 categories.  Can’t live without, love and well, you know!!  For Wedding Photography viewings, you need to allow at least 2 hours.

Album Design (Add on) You have now chosen the images that you would like in your album.  We will put together an album design and invite you back to the Studio to view the design. You will be amazed to see your story told in this manner.   You will need to set aside at least an hour for this session.

Album Collections (Add on)  The range and choice you have with regards to Albums is as large as your imagination.  We have several sample albums in the Studio to give you an idea of what is available.  As well as your Album, we make albums for parents, and friends.  We have mini brag books and engagement albums.  You name it, we can design it!

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